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Popular music in the United States during the 1980s is well known for imports from abroad, such as A-ha, Def Leppard, Falco, and Men at Work, as well as homegrown American rock acts such as Guns 'N Roses, Huey Lewis and the News, Bon Jovi, and Poi...

Music of the 1980s (American History through Music)

Listen to the pianist-then play the selections yourself! Perfect for Performance, Practice, auditions and for everyday listening enjoyment! Rachmaninov's composition teacher, famed Russian composer Anton Arensky, wrote these lovely and simple pian...

Music Minus One Piano: Arensky 6 Pièces Enfantines, op. 34; Stravinsky 3 Easy Pieces (Dances; Book & CD) (Music Minus One (Numbered))

The story of American musical composition, this work delineates the heritage, actuality and potential of music. In 20 chapters, it shows the necessity of dealing with such unrelated artists as Milton Babbitt and Laurie Anderson, John Cage and Neil...

All American Music: Composition in the Late Twentieth Century

From the master teacher of the "masters," - the most comprehensive and valuable method written. For the quick and dedicated, or older student. Also highly recommended for the advancing Suzuki player for introduction to note reading.

Graded Course of Violin Playing, Book 7

Science is beginning to prove what ancient cultures fully embraced: your voice can become one of the most powerful agents of transformation in every facet of your life. Free Your Voice offers readers the liberating insights and personal instructio...

Free Your Voice: Awaken to Life Through Singing

Digital Sheet Music of Galimathus Musicum, K32.. Composed by: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.. FHID:270840.

Galimathus Musicum, K32 Sheet Music

Taking performance instruction from guitar legends Adrian Legg, Martin Simpson and Ed Gerhard is as entertaining as it is informative. These fingerstyle masters discuss arranging, composing, technique, tone, and even the guitar's place in American...

A Fingerstyle Summit with Adrian Legg, Martin Simpson & Ed Gerhard

Recommandé pour Kindle DX ou Kindle pour PC. Ce livre comprend quatre pièces pour Cor composé par Javier Marcó: Vidrio Gris, La Vida Breve, Los Mediodías Verdaderos et Ese Día.

Cor: 4 Pièces pour Cor et Piano (French Edition)

The Audio Engineer's Reference Book is an authoritative volume on all aspects of audio engineering and technology including basic mathematics and formulae, acoustics and psychoacoustics, microphones, loudspeakers and studio installations. The cont...

Audio Engineer's Reference Book

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