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Provides a detailed survey of all styles, types and stars of vocal jazz, with a detailed A-Z key of performers from the US and Europe.

Singing Jazz the Singers and Styles

From anonymous 10th century troubadours to world-renowned 20th century composers, A History of Music of the Western World explores the roots of the most influential music genres of our time. Essential listening for students and lovers of great mus...

A History of Music in Western Civilization: Fascinating Discussions by 15 Prominent Music Authorities, with Musical Examples [12-cd set]

A huge collection of 70 sacred songs for classical singers, spanning an enormous range of literature, including art songs, traditional songs, classic Burleigh spiritual arrangements (experts on African-American spirituals contend they are for sing...

The Sacred Collection: The Vocal Library Low Voice

A thorough, easily understood workbook of basic music fundamentals. Includes many examples and exercises, as well as an excellent section on harmony. Designed for individual group study. A good supplement to any basic method and a valuable text fo...

Theory & Harmony for Everyone

This sheet music was newly engraved from early and authoritative editions.

Symphony No. 39 in E-flat Major, Movement 3 Sheet Music

(Misc). Build your own personal library of orchestral repertoire at an incredibly low price. The Orchestra Musician's CD-ROM Library is a compilation of printed parts, by instrument, of orchestral masterworks by the music world's most celebrated c...

Ravel, Elgar and More - Volume 7: The Orchestra Musician's CD-ROM Library - Trumpet

Standing at the forefront of historiographical research, The History of Italian Opera marks the first time a multidisciplinary team of scholars has worked together to investigate the entire Italian operatic tradition, rather than limiting the focu...

Opera Production and Its Resources (The History of Italian Opera, Part II: Systems)

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